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How to handle cases within D365 HR

I've wanted to write about this for a while. In one of the biggest projects I was involved in as a consultant, I got the chance to manage this stream for the customer business problem. It was a very large project and the complexity was above the sky. At the moment we used D365 HR + another solution to address this complexity according to customer needs. Today I'm bringing you a simpler view of Case Management within Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Depending on your experience you'll be more or less informed about the case management concept, but in general terms, this is what Human Resources uses to handle cases from employees. Based on the company maturity the ability or need to integrate these cases to employees' records in HCM systems. Luckily for us, Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides a standard functionality that enables the features needed in order to cover case management in your company.

For Case Management the configuration is a bit different than the other modules. You will need to set up some stuff in System Administration. It's quite simple, log into Dynamics 365 Human Resources > System Administration > Cases. You will find something similar to the image attached below:

Let's dive one by one

Case categories

Once the case categories link is selected, a new tab will open and you will be able to add new case categories. In my environment, these are the ones loaded into the system, but I could easily add a new one by simply selecting +New. Please note that FMLA is a specific leave for the US region.

Case category type security

Case processes

Once all this configuration is done, we can dive into the actual cases or create a new one. Log into Dynamics 365 Human Resources > Compliance > All cases.

I'll show you how a case is logged into the system and what information is listed in the form.

In this case, the employee involved is Lisa Toftemark and you can see the case registered for her. There are a few tabs within the case form that we will cover one by one.


All standard details will be listed here, such as name, department, and so on. See the image attached to verify the employee data.

Case log



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