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🎉 Happy First Year 🎉

It's been a year since I launched this webpage. What was the idea behind it? To share my experience and try my best to support other's paths. I think it was worth it.

I've been sharing tech, personal, transformation, and more tech content with you all, some of the articles have been in Spanish but most of them in English - I promise I'll start sharing more content in Spanish soon :)

Still remember the day I decided the name and created everything from scratch. I was living in Perú, in an internal apartment with no sunlight. I didn´t even have my first presentation... It was a great decision. I couldn't be happier about it... Lots of things happened in between:

- Changed jobs

- Moved to another apartment in Perú near the ocean

- Quarantined for 7 months alone

- Joined the Badger

- Travel back to Uruguay

- Become an MVP for Business Applications

- Presented in several events and summits

- Added some great international friends to my list

- Organized events

And the list continues... but I'm unable to keep track of everything...

All over this year people visited the blog. Take a look at the map... I can barely believe it!

For the next year I hope to have lots of more challenges, as well as improving my technical skills and sharing more interesting content!

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