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EN D365HR Series | Chapter 35: Licensing (Dec 2020)

Once in a while is good to take a look at the licencing for Dynamics 365.

In this entry I'll share some useful resources I think will bring light to your doubts.

Keep in mind:

  • The licensing is per user

  • We have different licensing depending on the role the worker will develop

  • You can't buy only 1 license, minimum is 5

Before jumping into any conclusion from non-official information I strongly recommend you to review the official Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide. Click the following link to access the pdf document: Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide December 2020. To access the Dynamics 365 Human Resources information go straight to Page 20.

Some of the content you will find in this guide:

  • How to License Dynamics 365

  • Application Licensing - Assigned

  • Cross Application Licensing

Beware that this guide:

  • Might be kind of confusing because there is lots of contents and comparision between the different Dynamics solutions

  • Does not include pricing


For urgent cases when you need to focus on pricing, I recommend you going to this page: Pricing | Microsoft Dynamics 365. There you will find all the pricing related with Dynamics 365 solutions, scroll down and voilá! There we are.

One of the other pages you can reach for Pricing is the following: Human Resources | Microsoft Dynamics 365. Scroll down and you will find the pricing as shown below.

Let's summarize this entry: check the following resources to understand Licensing.

🚨 Disclaimer: This article is based in Licensing Guide for Dynamics 365 - December 2020. It might change.

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