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D365HR: 8 free training resources.

One of the things I value the most from the Microsoft ecosystem is the possibility to learn. Diving and exploring into Microsoft Learn I found out some free training modules regarding Dynamics 365 Human Resources I want to make sure you add to your toolbox. It was a nice surprise to find good resources about the solution I love.

What to expect from this article? A module, a link, a description, and all the inspiration + energy you need to start diving into the FREE resources.

So with no further introduction, let's go for it.

#1: The basics: Dynamics 365 Human Resources 101

Goal: Understand the core functionalities behind D365 Human Resources and integrations between Microsoft solutions.

#2: What does HR do?

Goal: Explore core activities of the Human Resources department such as compensation, benefits, compliance, and performance management and understand how Dynamics 365 Human Resources supports them.

#3: Lego: Build your organization

Goal: Understand how to create and manage an organization, build structure, set up configuration and documents.

#4: Lego: Build your workforce

Goal: Learn how to create your workforce structure and the processes related to employee life-cycle.

#5: Personnel management made easy

Goal: Learn how to manage your workforce with Dynamics 365 Human Resources capabilities like Employee Self-Service, Leave and Absence, Learning, and LinkedIn integration.

#6: Money makes the world go round

Goal: Explore compensation management workspace, parameters, variable and fixed plans, eligibility rules, enrollment, and compensation processes.

#7: I want vacation.

Goal: Set Leave and Absence workspace and understand how to integrate it with Microsoft Teams to get the most from both platforms.

#8: Benefits from scratch!

Goal: Understand how to manage benefits from zero to hero by following a simple guide covering the entire process.

Enjoy and learn!

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