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D365 HR: Benefits email notifications

Microsoft presented a very cool feature to send email notifications to employees and we are going to try it out! This feature will enable email notifications and reminders for workers in different scenarios. We are going to create just one template but bear in mind that you can create much more.



Create a template

Bear in mind that you can add as many templates as you want, my recommendation will always be KISS: keep it simple, stupid. Jokes aside is good practice to keep a clean environment, is easy and understandable for everyone.

To create a template, log into Dynamics 365 Human Resources or Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations > Human Resources. Once you are in, type in the search bar System email templates as shown below.

Select +New and fill in the information required:

Once you completed all these elements, make sure you add content to your message. You can do this easily by selecting Email message at the top and adding the content.

After you select the Email message button, this tab will open. We will need to add some text, that is basically what the employee is going to get when the notification is sent.


Human Resources shared parameters

Go to Human Resources shared parameters and then select Benefits management. There is a new functionality, Benefit email templates. That makes sense, right? I already moved the template, do the same, and then Save.


Send emails to employees

Log into Benefits management workspace, under the Links tab go to Worker benefits plan.

A list of enrolled workers will appear and you can select from the top the option Send email.

Choose the Email Template and then select Ok.

You will receive a notification like this

You can also check the Benefits email history

If everything is done correctly, the worker will receive an email with the information we added:

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