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AI in Power Automate: Describe it to design it

I'm so excited about this article! We will dive together into the cool new feature from Power Automate: you describe the business process, and Power Automate builds it for you. But how does it work? According to Microsoft documentation (Create a cloud flow from a description (preview) - Power Automate | Microsoft Learn):

This AI-powered feature uses a language model to create a cloud flow from a description. The model understands natural language input and writes the code for the flow. This experience uses GPT-3 as a foundation to understand a natural language prompt and generate a working cloud flow.

To start using 'Describe it to design it' log into make.powerautomate, make sure your environment is in the US region. If you are not in a US region you will not see the option. See the screenshot below for reference, this is a not US environment.

In my case, I already have a US environment, see the added box below, containing the feature we want to use:

Select the option: Describe it to design it.

A new window will open, just type what you want to do:

Power Automate found a flow that supported my scenario. Now let's customize it:

A new tab will open with the Power Automate editor, the triggers, and the actions:

If needed, edit the recurrence and the message.



Once everything is done, select Save.

Is time to test the Power Automate. From the top right select Test.

Select Manually and then Test.

A tab will show the following information, select Run flow.

The message you see below is a great sign:

If we go to Teams to check if the message was posted, we can see that we were successful:

Have you used this feature already? How?

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