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Power Automate: Translate case management requests

I've been in love with Power Automate for a while now. This means that I'm trying to use it for Human Resources scenarios and unleash the potential that the platform has. In this short blog, I'll show you how we can use Power Automate to translate case management requests.

🧑‍💼Business case

The Power Company is an organization with a workforce distributed worldwide. Even when there's an HR representative in each of the countries, HR services are centralized in the UK. This means that all requests for Case Management received into a certain inbox, should be translated into English so the HR team is able to handle them as fast as they can.

🤔 Solution:

In order to provide a simple and fast solution for The Power Company, we are going to use Microsoft Power Automate which provides a template that enables the translation of emails into English. This solution will enable the UK HR team to easily understand what's going on and decide where to direct the case.

✈️ Guide:

Log into make.powerautomate and select Templates. In the search pane look for Translate.

We are going to use the first option, but if you find something else that suits your scenario, feel free to go ahead with it. Select the Translate non-English emails box, a new tab will open. Make sure you sign in to the Office 365 account. When everything is ready, select Create Flow.

Once again, a new tab will open and in this case, we will select Edit just to review the elements of the automation. This is how all the elements look like:

The flow is already created, and everything is looking great. What we will do next is write an email to trigger the flow and see what happens. Below is my original email:

And this is the email after the translation is applied:

There's only one mistake, instead of saying in the Spanish team, it says in the Spain team, but even though it looks great, right?


There are plenty of scenarios where you can use this template, and is at easy as it looks. It's just a matter of identifying the right processes.

If you are already using translating services from Power Automate, what's your experience?

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