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D365 HR | Chapter 39: Custom links.

Let's picture that your company has - as usual - more than one platform/solution to manage employee processes, the first example that comes to my mind is a Benefits Portal, but there are lots of possibilities.

In this episode of D365 HR Series, we will take a look at Manager Self-Service and try to customize it to your demand.

Add custom links to ESS and MSS is very simple and easy, and will give an enhanced experience to your employees, creating a better engagement and personalized experience.

🚨 Make sure you enable the feature in Feature management (System Administration), if you don't do it, there's no way you can follow this process successfully 🚨

1. Once you log into the system, go to the search pane and type Human Resources parameters.

2. In the Human Resources parameters tab, select Manager Self-Service. Scroll till you find the Set up links for Managers section and select New link. Complete the information required and select Ok. After you complete this, select Save.

Is time to see how it looks like in Manager Self-Service, see the related links tab I created.

I hope you find this entry useful.

See you soon!

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