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Agent for HR joiners using Copilot Studio

Recruitment processes are one of the first activities that new HR hires need to get up to speed. Recruiters are hired to create a robust pipeline of candidates and to cover all vacancies across the organization. I was thinking about this scenario and my issues when hiring people:

  • Which questions should I ask for an entry-level position?

  • Which questions I should never ask?

  • How do I evaluate certain technical skills when I don't have them?

  • How do I make sure that the candidate matches with our culture?

  • How do I measure if the candidate has the values we praise in this company?

  • And many more...

I was playing with the new Copilot Studio UX and an idea came to my mind: what about a platform that lets recruitment specialists get onboarded in the role much easier? So I created an agent that can help with this situation.

One of the things you might be thinking of is: why use this solution if I could just use any GPT platform? The answer is quite simple: would platforms like the ones specified before understanding your work culture? Not. There might also be some business concepts that do not apply to other companies, so instead of working with a generic and public platform, you can create your own quite simply. The benefit is also that you can use it within several internal channels, and that all questions and answers are just yours within the company, while open platforms might use your questions to train models, and you don't want this to happen with internal sensitive information.

What would the process look like?

Let's start with a process flow, this is what I designed and hopefully, it will make sense to you. It's a mix of functional and technical processes, and it will help you to walk through the idea I have in mind. You need to know that I created this process flow out of my own experiences, I used markers and paper to create it and then put everything together in Figma. Every step and activity comes out of my path supporting HR departments either from the inside or as a consultant.

I'm not going to bore you with the steps to follow to create a Copilot, you better listen to the experts in this cool video from Kendra Springer and Garry Pretty. Please look at it, and follow a great introduction along with the instructions to create your copilot.

If you want to see how mine works, just have a look at the video below and find some inspo for a use case that speaks your language.

After creating it, I connected the agent to Teams, but there are multiple channels you could use. Below you can see some details on the solution I created.

See below how the agent performs within Microsoft Teams, it works even better than testing the Copilot within Copilot Studio.


AI is not only for engineers or people who have been creating code for the last couple of years. AI is about empowering everyone and supporting the journey of working smarter, and not harder.

This solution not only helps the organizations to create a faster learning curve, with great return on investment (ROI), while supports new HR joiners to get a better understanding of their technical and functional tools + get proficient in prompt engineering. And that for me is the main goal of AI.

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