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D365 HR + Excel = OOB Reports

One of the things HR teams always ask is: can I export it to Excel? The truth is that almost everything in Dynamics 365 Human Resources can be exported to Excel and sometimes even imported. But that is a conversation for another day.

Speaking about extracting data from Dynamics, this blog will be about the out-of-the-box reports we can retrieve from existing information in our ERP/HRIS.

Below you will find my curated reports and will leave it up to you to explore the additional ones (links will be provided at the end of the article). Some of them will be closer to the US audience, some are quite generic, and some may not be useful for you.

In total, we have a list of 29 reports, see all of them below:

ADA requirements

Course instructors

Mass hire project

Course structure

(EEUR) Access log

Absence setup

Course confirmation list

OSHA 300 log preparation

Registration list

(EEUR) Permission changes

Accommodations report

Course agenda

OSHA 300A preparation

VETS preparation

(EEUR) Personal chart

Absence journal missing

EEO preparation report

OSHA 301 preparation

Worker skill count by skill type

Applicant resume

Course questionnaire result

I-9 inspection list

Recruitment projects

Worker skills by skill type


Course participants

Skill types

Job information

Workers hired in period and New hire preparation

The ones highlighted above will be the ones we will discuss below and also I will share some screenshots. Best way to find these reports is to go to the search bar and enter the report's name - that's how it works best for me. The process of extracting all the reports is quite similar so I won't explain it time and time again.

What you need to know:

  • All reports are exportable in 7 different formats

  • Parameters can be set up to filter by period or records

  • Some reports include one sheet per record, others list everything together


Course confirmation list


Skill types


Job information


Worker skill count by skill type


Workers hired in period




This information can be used rather to be sent to a certain manager, or create a Power BI report. The beauty of these reports is that every individual and organization can use them for their purposes. How would you use it?

To expand on other reports not mentioned in this post, please refer here: Human resources reports | Microsoft Learn

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