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Power Automate 101 📓

There's magic everywhere, even in Power Automate. At least twice a week I log into make.powerautomate to search for cool templates. My main idea is to find something and adapt it to the business scenario I have in mind. There's a reason why I dive into templates and I'm going to admit it, if it's already available, why should I create everything from scratch? Well, sometimes this approach isn't the best, but you can try it out.

Why use Power Automate templates?

  • Time-saving: you don't have to spend a lot of time creating something because it already exists.

  • Easy to use: Power Platform is known for its low-code approach, in that sense Power Automate it's easy to use.

  • Customizable: you can change elements, or edit the user experience.

  • Integration: of course, there's an easy way to sort integrations with Microsoft and non-Microsoft products.

  • Availability: tons and tons of templates for pretty much everything.

Today I used a simple template to show can easy your life could be.

I've chosen: Analyze emails sentiment with AI Builder and send results to Teams, which is the one I shared in the video above. Below you will find all the components for the Power Automate, and you can have a look at the results as well.

To trigger this flow you will need to send an email to the account you entered in the first step, this is my email:

And this is the adaptive card I got into Teams:

Power Automate analyzed the information from the sender through AI Builder and then displayed it in Microsoft Teams. It's that easy. If you haven't, this is your sign to try Power Automate right now.

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