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⚡️ My #2020RecapChallenge ⚡️

Actualizado: 30 nov 2020

Amazing things happen when I swim, yesterday I was swimming and thinking about this year... And a great idea popped up, and I decided to call it #2020RecapChallenge

We all know this year has been weird, at least for me was a rollercoaster. So why not close it with a nice analysis? Keep reading to know more.

A summary for every month of 2020, but December, I'm leaving it blank to fill later 😉.

Is not necessary to spend a lot of words in it, is up to you how much you want to share and elaborate. I will be very concise. Let's get started!


Experience: A year is 'starting'!

Lesson learnt: After enjoying Christmas with my family I'm ready for a year to start. At least that is what I thought.

- Punta del Este, Uruguay | January 2020 -


Experience: My mother visits me in Perú.

Lesson learnt: I'm my home.

- Barranco, Perú | Febrero, 2020 -


Experience: Quarantine started, I was alone far apart from my family and friends, unable to go out and living in an internal apartment.

Lesson learnt: I'm happy and grateful I started living this quarantine experience alone. I challenged myself and get to know me in my worst times.

- Barranco, Perú | March, 2020 -


Experience: Had my first speaker session in an event: EmPower Your Career (Thanks Victor Dantas for the opportunity).

Lesson learnt: There's a hiding hero inside of me, other people appreciate the path I've been through. I'm capable of mentor others and share my knowledge.

- Barranco, Perú | April, 2020 -


Experience: Blogging on regular basis and started to apply in call for Speakers.

Lesson learnt: I'm aware that I know what I know, and in a certain way, this adds value to the amazing Microsoft Community.

- Barranco, Perú | May, 2020 -


Experience: First 1:1 contact with the community. Thanks Olena Grischenko and Malin Martnes.

Lesson learnt: Collaborating is key to go above and beyond. Amazing people are spread all over the world and combining forces we can achieve more. When I was the most alone I felt with the better companion ever.

- Barranco, Perú | June, 2020 -


Experience: Change my job! Started working in FourVision, my dream job since I started my D365 HR journey.

Lesson learnt: I'm capable of achieving the goals I determine to myself.

- Barranco, Perú | July, 2020 -


Experience: Moved to a fantastic house in front of the Pacific Ocean.

Lesson learnt: I'm more than grateful for the amazing adventures I'm living so far.

- Miraflores, Perú | Agosto, 2020 -


Experience: Flight to Uruguay starts to become a reality.

Lesson learnt: I'm capable of managing flexibility with my plans, despite sometimes I'm structured and whimsical.

- Miraflores, Perú | September, 2020 -


Experience: Convocated by Dona Sarkar and Joe Camp to be a part of Start.Dev.Change, sharing my career switcher story.

Lesson learnt: The journey I've been so far is valuable, others are appreciating it and I'm capable of helping and supporting other people in their ongoing paths.

- Aire | Octubre, 2020 -


Experience: After 8 month of self-isolation, finally relocated to Uruguay.

Lesson learnt: I've overcome amazing experiences, I knew my self in-depth and now I'm ready for upcoming challenges.

- Montevideo, Uruguay | Noviembre, 2020 -

Thank you for reading my #2020RecapChallenge!

All the pictures in this article were taken by me.

Now is your turn!!! I dare you 😊

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