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Hierarchies in D365 HR

One of the greatest things that we have within D365 Human Resources is the opportunity to take advantage of hierarchies in several ways. In this article, I'll share 2 types of hierarchy you can find inside the solution to build your organizational structure as you like.

Let's start from the basics: what is an organizational hierarchy?

Is a structure where the relationship between employees, departments, and business is determined in order to pursue and conquer organizational goals and maintain certain stability.

Hierarchies in Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Now that you've got the - VERY - basics on organizational hierarchies I want to share how we can handle them inside my favorite platform. We'll dive into 2 types of hierarchies.


Department hierarchy

This structure helps you build your department structure and establish the relationship between them. Is helpful to understand how some departments are connected and the workflow between them.

Step 1: Log into Dynamics 365 Human Resources > Organization Administration > Department hierarchy.

Step 2: A chart will open as shown below with the department structure.

In this case, the IT Department, Client Services, Service Operations, and Human Resources (hidden) depend on Project Operations.

In case you need an easy edit you can use the Edit option in the upper left corner. By selecting it you can Insert or Remove departments in an easy and simple way. Let's add one just for fun:

A. Select the Edit option, and a few options will appear.

B. Select Insert, choose the department you want to add, and then press Ok.

C. The department - in this case, Happiness Operations - has been added to the Department hierarchy.

In case you want to remove the department just select Remove.


Position hierarchy

We often say ´Vivi reports to Bruno´ when we should say ´Technical Support Help Desk reports to Special Services Manager´. If employees are connected for hierarchy purposes in any digital platform, there's a major risk: someday one of the employees will leave your company and your entire department will fall apart like a house of cards.

The idea behind the position hierarchy functionality is to link positions, that later on will be fulfilled by employees. If an employee leaves the company you will still have that position in your structure (see the recording in step 3). Let's dive into them:

Step 1: Log into Dynamics 365 Human Resources > Organization Administration > Position hierarchy.

Step 2: See the position hierarchy. In this case, we are looking at the Line hierarchy.

Step 3: Dive into the structure to understand reporting and have a look at the open positions.


Keep in mind that establishing departments and positions hierarchies is key for success in organizations. Do you want to know where to start? Drop me a message and we can chat about it :)

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