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D365 HR Benefits statements, why and how.

One of the cool features we have within Dynamics 365 Human Resources is the Benefits statement. According to Microsoft official documentation benefits statements are:

report that provides a statement of the benefits that an employee is currently enrolled in. The report can be accessed by an employee directly or by the benefit administrator. Benefit statement provides a list of the employee’s enrolled benefits, coverage options, costs, and any enrolled dependents or beneficiaries. The statement can be printed for a single worker or multiple workers.


How can you get into the extraction of the benefits statement?

Just follow the steps below and you will get there. Log into the Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

In the left pane open the hamburger menu and then the Human Resources tile. Under Workers select Employees.

Select the worker you want to extract the benefits statement. Then go to the top and select the benefits tile, after that go to Reports and select Benefit statement.

A new tab will open on the right side, complete the fields, like period and format mapping. Then select Ok.

It will take a minute or two, and a new folder will be downloaded. You can extract it and see the benefits statement.

After extracting the file you will find a document like the ones below. See both examples, the first one is the one I extracted and the second one is the Microsoft one you can find in the documentation.

Image 1: My benefits statement report.

Image 2: Microsoft official extraction.


This is just a simple way to access the benefits report, HR can access the report, but also workers can use the report within Employee self-service. It's as simple as this:

Employees log into self-service:

Employee scrolls down to the Additional information tile, finds the Benefits one, and then selects View benefits statement.

Parameters need to be entered by the worker, and then the employee selects Ok.

A folder will be downloaded and the employee will be able to see the same file I showed you in images 1 and 2.


If you want to find more information about the topic:

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