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Cool Excel reports @ D365 HR

This two out-of-the-box reports are available for you to start using right away from Dynamics 365 Human Resources: Seniority list report and Workers hired in period report. Power BI embedded reports provide similar data, but won't let you extract the results to Excel - I know you HR people, you love Excel. Let's start the process.

Log into Dynamics 365 Human Resources, and go to Personnel Management.

Personnel Management workspace will open, scroll down to Reports to find the Seniority list report or Workers hired in period report.

Seniority list report: Select the parameters according to the report you need to execute. When ready, select Ok.

The system will take a moment and the report display on the screen.

For Excel aficionados, the report is exportable 😉

Below you will find the Excel file, I filtered worked for 10 or 15 years.

Workers hired in period: In Parameters section, enter from and to date, if applicable enable contractors. When ready, select Ok.

Results will load, and the screen will display something like this:

Again, this report can be exported to Excel as well.

This are just two easy ways you can get your data in Excel file and understand what is happening in your organization.


Disclaimer: All data shown in the screens is fake data provided by Microsoft when deploying a Dynamics 365 Human Resources environment.

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