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Community Call: Please vote this idea.

Hey everyone,

I don´t do this often but I think we need to make this work together!

You may know that there's a chance to provide feedback and ideas for Microsoft products. Sharing your experience, and being able to provide feedback will help to develop a better product and experience for our clients, and this is the major goal for all of us, right?

In case you need to post your ideas you can click here: How can we improve Dynamics 365?

The reason I'm sharing this entry is to ask you a favour: there's an idea that's been open for a while and is under review from Microsoft end. If you vote, and you also tell a friend to vote, is more likely to be accepted soon.

What's the idea about?

Right now will creating an employee record we are able to select three options for gender as you can see in the image below.

In case you can´t see them, the options available today are:

  • Male

  • Female

  • Non-specific

The goal of this idea is to change this non-specific field for non-binary, in order to represent everyone. This will definitely create a better experience for our customers and their workforce.

I know you want to vote... GO FOR IT!

Here is a direct link to this idea: Extending the Gender Enum to handle Transgender Employees. You just need to sign in and vote, if you also want to share a comment, feel free to do so!

Remember to tell a friend!

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